Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rain Barrel Setup

My dad gave us a rain barrel three years ago when we moved into our house.
We haven't been able to set it up until this year because of other things we needed to do first, like build a fence and have the right space for it.
Miss Greenish Thumb gave me some rain barrel tips.
Instead of raising the rain barrel up, I made sure it was level by putting it on some boards then I used a short hose (I cut one we already had) and attached it to the nozzle.
I also bought two very large watering cans.  When I'm watering plants with one, I can fill the other, to save time. 

The hose is long enough that it can rest inside a watering can without anyone holding it.

The barrel's almost full already and it's not even connected to an eavestrough.  I'm so excited about saving some water this summer!
- Mary Mary

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