Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bunny Wars and Harbouring Fugitives

If you've been keeping tabs on Outside At Home, you'll know that here in Burlington, I am constantly waging a war against the rodents.
They eat my veggies, they vandalize my fencing attempts and I sometimes fantasize about rabbit stew. My contempt is not thinly-veiled. I am open and honest about my loathing for these pesky beasts.
Then, on Canada Day, my neighbour, Iain discovered a rat-like thing on his front lawn. It had no fur, its eyes were still closed and it had a nub of a tail. He said it was a rabbit, though Cole and I agreed it looked more like a mole.
All day it tried to crawl along the ground, blindly. It couldn't even stand. It was a forlorn sight indeed.
And I couldn't help but feel some concern.
Lesley googled what to do. The Internet declared to leave the rabbit alone.
It also said one could get evaporated milk and honey and use an eye-dropper to feed it.
But what then?
So we left it. And it got cold that night.
And I laid in bed thinking of the little thing freezing to death slowly in Iain's flower bed. In the morning, I almost went first to the garage to get a shovel and some gardening gloves, for a quick burial. But then I met Iain on my way over to check on the rabbit and he said by some miracle the mother had found her baby and returned it to its nest, under the lavender bush.
Now there are two bunnies there, doing quite well I am both happy and not-so-happy to report.

As Lesley and I were humming and hawing and furrowing our brows at the little bunny before it was returned to its nest, Iain called to us from inside that he was trying to be the emotionally-detached sound of reason to the situation.
But a few days later, he went to Canadian Tire and purchased an umbrella to shade the rabbit nest from the elements.
Emotionally-detached indeed!

~Miss Greenish Thumb~

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