Friday, July 19, 2013

Harvesting Garlic

 I went away for four days and when I returned home my garlic had fallen down.
Or been trampled.
Either way it was all dried up and it looked like the leaves were at risk of rotting under the weight of one another. So I daringly decided to harvest it all right that day.
July 15th.
Without really knowing if I was too early or not.
Some of my bulbs are a bit small, but some aren't half bad.
I read up a bit so I could share with you how you're supposed to harvest garlic.
The instructions differ between soft- and hard-neck varieties, however, generally you are supposed to stop watering on July 1st and when the bottom 3 or 4 leaves have turned brown, you harvest the bulbs from the ground and let them cure for a few weeks in a garage or barn, hanging to dry, ideally not in direct sunlight or in humid conditions (yeah, right!).
There's much more about garlic growing and harvesting at this site.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~
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