Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kale Rumours

I was excited to try a simple raw kale salad recipe out that my friend Sarah makes... it's delicious. 

Then a co-worker said she had been having a problem with bloating and her doctor identified the cause as the raw kale she was putting in her smoothies each morning. 

I asked my friend, Rachelle whether raw kale is bad for me.  She works on the farm we're getting our farm share from this summer.  She said it's true that kale is easier to digest if it's cooked but to try it out raw and see how it agrees with your system.   

We received kale in our farm share and I made that lovely parmesan kale salad.  And you know?  My tummy was perfectly fine.  I think it just depends on who you are and what your body's like.

I do want to point out that in my web searching on raw kale I found that it competes with iodine for absorption by the thyroid.  If you have thyroid health issues going on, as well as iodine deficiency, cook your kale.  Miss Greenish Thumb, this means you, because you're thyroid-less. 

Oh kale, you're a little complex, I find.  Does anyone out there have thoughts on kale? 

- Mary Mary


wonder wilks said...

that's my favourite salad! and it tastes better the longer you leave it. i think day 2 & 3 are prime! :) we started putting kale into our smoothies a few months ago & we've definitely noticed a little energy boost! mmmm... yummy kale!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the tummy troubles... but, getting a bunch of fresh kale is like getting a bouquet of flowers in my opinion :) -B