Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mid-Summer Planting

This is a late Friday link-up post...
My camera broke down so we ended up buying a new one today.
It was great timing because Isaac and I did some mid-summer planting this afternoon!
 You can peek back at my earlier springtime garden plan here
I've switched gears a little now.
Here's what I planted today: 
I had some mizuna at my friend's place the other day.  It was so good I decided to plant some with my second round of lettuce.  I love choy sum and bok choy - simple stir fry chinese cabbage and broccoli.  And the herbs I've tried in pots but maybe they'll work better right in the garden. 
To back up a little, my spinach has been long done, as well as my peas, so I pulled those up before planting these new seeds.  The peas were so good but I decided not to plant another round to make room for the herbs.  I also finished up my first crop of lettuce. 
You can see from the photo above that my beets, swiss chard and tomatoes are doing well.  There are a few carrots coming up too.
I plan to build a mini hoop tunnel for my righthand garden.  All of these crops on the right are good with cool weather. 
Isaac helped out a lot today, which was special.
The seeds may not be in perfect rows but that doesn't really matter, now does it.
This one below is of Isaac's garden - it's amazing.  Check out those carrots and tomatoes. 


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Peter Hartgerink said...

I haven't looked at your blog in a while. You have really developed it - and your garden is amazing too! Love the pictures of Isaac helping you with the garden. Building memories.



Mary said...

Thanks Peter!