Friday, August 30, 2013

Cambridge, England in August

My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to go on a trip to Cambridge, England.
We left our kids with their Nana, Papa and Por-por and off we went.
Here are some pictures and observations about gardens and outdoor spaces in Cambridge.
I forget exactly how it all came down. Something to do with grazing rights. But several public parks in Cambridge have cows wandering around the bike paths.

I was impressed with the use of space in Cambridge. Some people lived in narrow boats on the river and housed gardens on the boat rooftops. Biking was common and lots of families piled belongings and kids onto one bike in a trek across town. These things made me realize that we, in Canada, are very space rich. And my garden may be small by Canadian standards, but it's huge by England standards.

This was one of those examples of a fantastic use of limited space.

This apple tree, outside Trinity College, is professed to be a descendant of Newton's apple tree.
These punts carry tourists. Some are being punted by professional punters.
Some are self-punting.
This is a punting traffic jam.
(A few minutes later, we watched a punter fall in the water).

The most picturesque and strange walk home from a pub was over a back garden wall and through a cemetery.
This was the oldest street in Cambridge.
This vine-like tree that has entwined itself with the corner house is Wisteria.

This is Cory and Sarah's back garden. It had a beautiful patio for outside dining and a lovely spot where Cory loves to BBQ or smoke delicious culinary treats.


Sarah had a beautiful container garden.
It housed flowers and edibles alike.

I was fond of the mismatching architecture and colourful doors.
In observing slightly wonky door frames or houses that leaned slightly to one side, we kept saying that Holmes on Homes would have a fit!

Butterfly bush was a very common perennial I noticed on many railroad ways and in front gardens. I also noticed lots of lavender bushes in front window boxes.
And one house had a shrub in the front yard that was actually an enormous rosemary bush.

~Miss Greenish Thumb Abroad~
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