Friday, August 2, 2013

How BaCoN is Born

My husband is a fantastic chef and an extraordinary BBQ-ist.
But he truly proved his skills to me when he made me bacon.
First, he bought a pork belly.
He scored the skin.

And he cured it for 7 days in the fridge.

The cure removes water from the pork. So each day he'd have to empty the dish the pork belly was sitting in.
(I'm not exactly sure which recipe he used, but here is a link to a similar one I'm sure.)
On the seventh day, he removed the plastic wrap, rinsed and dried the meat and let it sit for a day with no cover in order to form a pellicle.
 (note: the pork should now be fairly hard to the touch, similar to a cooked steak)

This is his new smoker - The Big Green Egg.
If you watch, Bobby Flay's BBQ Addiction, he's got one too.
Mark smoked the bacon for two and a half hours at 200 F.
He used apple wood chunks for the smokey bacon flavour.

He sliced some up and fried it for us for supper and it was AWESOME!
Salty and lean.
He portioned out the rest of the pork belly into 1-2 inch strips and wrapped it in plastic wrap and froze it so we can have home-made bacon whenever we need it.
~Miss Greenish Thumb~
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