Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Pour a Concrete Shed Foundation

We have a new shed!
But this is really the story of my husband's love expressed in concrete pouring.
Let's start at the beginning...
Our house came with an old rusty shed.
It was damaged by hail last year (along with our aluminum siding and eavestroughs).
I couldn't believe we received $ to replace it.  
Once the shed was removed, it revealed a foundation of concrete blocks and gravel....

After much research, Ben decided to replace this foundation with a concrete one.
He built a simple wooden frame out of 2x6s and stakes.  
He used the stakes to make sure the frame was level.
He added a bit more gravel to what existed and spread it around pretty evenly except there was less gravel around the edges so there would be nice concrete sides to the foundation.  In most places, there was about 2"-3" of height left for the concrete. 

We mixed concrete in the wheelbarrow two bags at a time.
This was tedious and perhaps we would recommend a cement mixer or ordering in your cement.
We used 40 bags of cement in the end. 
It took two days to pour the foundation and a lot of the time went into Ben lugging bags of cement from the car to the yard.  Mixing was pretty difficult too.  Very hard work. 

And did I mention Edem?
Yah, we couldn't have done this without Edem.
She's a concrete genius... among many other things.
She helped with all the technique. 
We (meaning Ben and Edem, really) poured the cement very systematically, starting in one corner of the frame and made sure every batch of cement was perfectly level right after it was poured.
You can see how important the levelness of the frame is in all this. 


Here's the final product... 

We bought a plastic shed from Canadian Tire. 
We decided to assemble it on Tuesday after work.
I got home from work and Ben, Edem and Isaac had put it up in the afternoon instead to surprise me. 
So nice.

- Mary Mary


wonder wilks said...

gorgeous! looked like a lot of work but well worth the final product! {LOVE the doors} enjoy your bicycle-less living room! :)

Rachelle said...

Beautiful! And I can't believe how big Isaac is getting!

Melissa said...

That is insane-o amounts of love shown through sweat and exhaustion and trips to Home Depot. ;)

Mary said...

Yes, such a ridiculous amount of work.