Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Make a Bouquet

I made the bouquets for Ben's brother's wedding this past weekend!
It was so much fun... once I got the hang of it.
Fortunately, Edem had just helped a friend with bouquets for her wedding in the UK, so she helped me put them together.
This was our work station at the dining room table:

These were some essential tools: garden pliers, wire, green flower tape, and pins.  We also used some good scissors, a glue gun, and ribbon.

First you arrange the flowers.  This is where your artistic eye comes in.  You kind of have to experiment until you get a nice arrangement.  We used baby's breath, which I found was challenging in terms of arranging.  As you add branches of flowers, you kind of twist them all in the same direction with each addition.  When you're happy with your arrangement, you twist wire tightly around it to keep it in place.  You can add the wire after the whole bouquet is arranged or you can twist wire around certain sections as you do them then twist more wire around the whole thing once it comes together. 

Following the wire, you wrap green flower tape around the stems and over the wire.  The flower tape covered enough of the stem so that someone holding it wouldn't touch the stems, just the tape part.  We used a couple layers of this tape.  For corsages, I put it on real thick so that pins could go through the tape.
Next, you cover the tape with a long piece of pretty ribbon.
I wrapped the ribbon so that both ends ended up just under the flower.
I tried a few fancy ways of wrapping that I saw on youtube, but I ended up just doing simple wrapping in the end. 

Tie the ends of the ribbon with a bow just under the flower then cut the stems of the bouquet evenly.
I used the glue gun in a few places to make sure the ribbon was secure. 
Here's a bridesmaid's bouquet:

Here are the corsages.  They actually fell apart during the wedding so next time I'll spray them with hairspray or seal them somehow:

And here's the bride's bouquet:
- Mary Mary

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Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You did NOT make that bride's bouquet! How on earth did you come up with such a lovely design?!!!! I am so impressed.
With the boutonnieres, maybe if the roses used were smaller and more closed (bud-like) they'd stay together better? Beautiful work, Mary.