Melissa (Miss Greenish Thumb) and Maryann (Mary Mary) are the Loftus sisters.  They have been referred to as "bookends" and their mirrored interests are expressed in many ways through Outside, At Home:
They are both determined to keep up their joy in the simple pleasures of life despite unexpected turns, competing priorities, and the simple progression of time.  They find that one of the best sources of this simple joy is getting their hands dirty, growing stuff in their backyards, and practising at-home creativity. 

Melissa and Maryann like to encourage others, especially each other, by sharing and laughing at their own foibles and quirks.  Thus, their desire to take others along on their backyard journeys, joys and blunders.

Finally, they both loooooove to write.  And what's almost as fun as the act of writing itself?  Sharing your words with the world!!!
Melissa lives in Burlington with her husband, Mark, and their two kidlets, redhead Cole and sweet Amelia.  She's a science and math teacher by day and writes more about her life at Melissa's Place.


Maryann lives in Ottawa with her husband, Benny, and her smiley son, Isaac Jay.  She's a policy analyst for the Government of Canada by day, she has a faith blog at Daily Parable, and she offers her writing services at maryannroebuck.com.

Feel free to contact them by replying to their blog posts!


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